Great Shot: Richard Avedon

Malgosia Bela © Richard Avedon Foundation

I find myself drawn to the sculptural qualities Avedon achieves in his work. And, like the Baroque sculptures of Bernini, Avedon's photographs allude to movement and depict the subject at the precise moment within that movement where the essence of intent is captured. Avedon's access to the closets of the world's most famous designers meant his subjects often wore otherworldly attire. The combination of those two worlds is well evidenced in the photo above which was taken in New York during March of 2000 on 4x5 film. The model, Malgosia Bela, is wearing a dress by Yohji Yamamoto. The organic formation of material dance with Malgosia thus creating a truly dimensional experience within the confines of the photographic plane. In this case, the two subjects expertly mold into one. Each stands isolated from the environment in which they normally exist. Avedon creates a sculptural object. There is strong connectivity between the subject and Avedon, giving the image the breath of humanism. The quality is evident throughout his body of work. Looking at any one of his images one could quickly discern Avedon's love for his work.

More of Richard Avedon's work can be viewed on the Richard Avedon Foundation website, www.richardavedon.com.

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