Great Shot: Alana Celii

© Alana Celli

Alana Celli was born outside of Chicago but moved around a lot as a child. Coming from a family with art in its background, it was only natural for her to follow in her father's footsteps. Her interest in photography grew when she was given a camera by her parents at a young age. She was always a very timid and shy girl. She became fascinated with the internet and often spent her time online versus socializing and making friends. All this time spent as a child online contributed to her interest in the internet and graphic design. When she decided to go to art school her parents supported her greatly which helped her continue forward towards getting her BA from Parsons.

There seem to be two sides to Celli's work. A more direct fine art side and a more abstract side. Both styles of hers are extremely captivating. I was mainly drawn to her more abstract work. Like the image from above, I am fascinated when a photo is not just a two dimensional flat piece of paper. What seem to be chemical stains on the image add dimension, age, and mystery to this photograph. The out of focus, Uta Barth stlye image in the background is something I find very beautiful and engaging because of the soft, rich, pastel-like colors. Celli experiments a lot with different processes and cameras which is something I enjoy greatly myself. That is one of the reasons I respond so strongly to her photography as well as how her photographs hold such mystery, personality, and great beauty.

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