Interview: Manya Fox

Kelsey Lorenzen: When and how did you get your start in photography?

Manya Fox: I started to be interested in photography in high school when I was 16. The school I attended had a great photography teacher who I became close with. We did back and white 35mm photography. I think thats a great way to be introduced to the medium.

Kelsey Lorenzen: What inspires you? How do you come up with ideas for your projects?

Manya Fox: People and things that are unaware of their beauty inspire me. I like to photograph outside of major cities where things are a little more relaxed and people aren't so guarded and aware of themselves. I think about how we live now as Americans and that inspires me. Different aspects of the American experience inspire me. What we value and devalue and what that looks like interests me. I come up with different project ideas based on what I see happening in America.

Kelsey Lorenzen: What other artists do you admire and look at?

Manya Fox: I admire and look at the work of Stephen Shore, Joel Sternfeld,
William Eggleston Tim Davis, Mitch Epstein, An-My Le, Alec Soth, James Welling, Catherine Opie, Tina Barney, among others . . .

Kelsey Lorenzen:
What advice would you give to an aspiring photography trying to make it in the photo world?

Manya Fox: My advice to an aspiring artist trying to make it in the photo
world is have dedication. You might have to work for a long time before anyone takes notice. Always make work you want to do and try not to be influenced by trends. Stay true to your artistic vision and never compromise your artistic integrity.

Kelsey Lorenzen:
What are you currently working on or any future projects in mind?

Manya Fox: I am currently working on images I took in Ireland this summer. I spent the summer as a visiting artist at Cow House Studios and made a lot of new work while there. I also am working on making a few books. I am planning a trip to Arizona to shoot in the new year.

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