Interview: Sarah Wilmer

Jennifer Romero: When you first decide to pursue photography, did you right away know you wanted you career in photography to be? And hen you realized it, how did you know that it was the right choice for you?

Sarah Wilmer: All I ever knew was that I wanted to be photographing. Photography enables me to have certain experiences and engage with others in a way that would not otherwise be possible. I knew it was the right choice because it felt right.

© Sarah Wilmer

Jennifer Romero: Your style of photography has a darker/theatrical tone to it. What makes you want to shoot this way?

Sarah Wilmer: I can't say what or why exactly, it's just what happens naturally in my work, it just feels right.

© Sarah Wilmer

Jennifer Romero: In an interview with "Feature Shoot" in December 2008, you stated that you were inspires by the surrealists. What about them and that era inspires you and your work?

Sarah Wilmer: I respond to the sensuality, playfulness and the experimentation in the surrealists work.

© Sarah Wilmer

Jennifer Romero: Being a young photographer, I am sometimes self-conscious about how others view and think about my work. Did you ever experience these uncertain feelings? And if so, how did you overcome them?

Sarah Wilmer: Of course, but I find that in order to make work, it's best to not think about others reactions, and just do it.

© Sarah Wilmer

Jennifer Romero: Do you ever experience creative blocks where you feel stuck and it gets in the way of your creating? If so, how do you overcome it and keep the creative flow going?

Sarah Wilmer: Yes, sometimes there are obstacles or blocks but I find that if I am able to stay productive and positive, a new idea or project will present itself.

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