Interview: Friederike von Rauch

© Friederike von Rauch

Zachary Seib: Tell me about yourself, your history, or anything else you feel is important to your work.

Friederike von Rauch: I am a Berlin based photographer and I mainly work with the subject of architecture space and landscape. Architecture in general is a very important part of my life, even though I would not call myself an "architectural photographer." I rarely take commission work and mostly sell my photographs in galleries.

Zachary Seib: Which university did you attend and what degree did you earn?

Friederike von Rauch: I am a trained silversmith and I have a diploma from the University of Arts (UDK) in Berlin.

© Friederike von Rauch

Zachary Seib: Many of my peers knew from an early age that they wanted to be photographers. When did you realize that you wanted to be a student of photography?

Friederike von Rauch: In my late 20's.

Zachary Seib: What is your inspiration and which photographers influence your work?

Friederike von Rauch: A lot of things. Agnes Martin, Sugimoto, Walter de Maria, Donald Judd, Tadeo Ando, Peter Zumthor, Mies van Der Rohe, Pierre Gonzalez, Judith Haase, Marcel Dettmann... An endless list.

© Friederike von Rauch

Zachary Seib: Judging from the photographs I have seen on your website, you mainly photograph Berlin. When and why did you begin this series?

Friederike von Rauch: No, I do not work mostly in Berlin. I work wherever I am for a bit longer. Lately in Iceland, Brussels and Rotterdam. I try to avoid the sun!

© Friederike von Rauch

Zachary Seib: What photographic equipment do you use?

Friederike von Rauch: I work with an analog Rollei medium format camera.

Zachary Seib: Do you have any self promotional advice for an emerging photographer?

Friederike von Rauch: Invest in yourself, self publish a beautiful book and spread it. I self published an architectural memory game with huge cards, it was a big success and I sold almost 10,000 copies. It spread my work enormously!

More of Friederike von Rauch's photography can be seen at her website: www.vonrauch.com

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