Interview: Beatriz Diaz

Patrizia Fusi: About your project "geographica", what is the reason to use white as color for reduce the pictures's reality? 

Beatriz Diaz: It´s interesting that you use the word color to talk about “Geographica”. I’ve never thought about this project in terms of black and white and yet it is. 
When I started working in this project, my original intention was to photograph the landscape that preceded me, the landscape in my memory and thus, an invisible landscape. 
By using a subtractive process I make them appear invisible and timeless -as if with each layer of information I remove a layer of reality. I reduced these landscapes to their basic perceptual elements, in order to make them appear immaterial, to show them as ideas or as primordial images. I want the viewer to experience a familiar image and yet see it as something that is not real, but imaginary, like a vision, a dream or a mental image. 

Geaographica © Beatriz Diaz

Patrizia Fusi: I saw that in many your projects there are nature elements, true or fake, print on fabrics (like in "my grandmother's garden"), what is your relation whit the nature?

Beatriz Diaz: I am interested in alienated relationship that we have established with nature in the present, I believe this is more a dissociation, or a battle, between culture and nature. 
C.G. Jung wrote “I am certain there would be no spirit if it were not part of nature”, on the understanding that there are not two things, spirit and matter, but two aspects of one thing. This is the relation to nature that I wish I had. 

 99c archetypes of nature ©Beatriz Diaz

Patrizia Fusi: I read that your work "my grandmother's garden"is in memory of her and your childhood, was work on it hard for you? 

Beatriz Diaz: Creating the work helped me realize her absence. When she died I was leaving in the US and she was in Mexico, I didn’t get to participate in all the ceremonies and rituals with the rest of the family, so in a way, working in this series was my own way of saying goodbye to her. 

 My grandmother's garden ©Beatriz Diaz

 Patrizia FusiDo you work with the film or digital? And why? 

Beatriz Diaz: I work with any process that gives the results that I looking for. In “Geographica”, for example, I scanned the pages from the magazines and processed them in photoshop, and in “My Grandmother’s Garden” I used a medium format film camera. I think the process works as a character in a play, and therefore it gives part of the meaning and emotional quality to the art work. In that sense, the process is always important to me, and I do take in consideration many options, and I always choose what ever works better. 

more info on http://www.beatrizdiaz.com/

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