Great Shot: David Maisel

The Lake Project 23 ©David Maisel

David Maisel captures beauty and chaos with his aerial photographs of The Great Salt Lakes in the series 'The Lake Project'. In 'The Lake Project' series, and other series available on his website, Maisel deals with the underlying disaster that is Human intrusion in the natural environment. These intrusions include mining, clearcut logging, firestorms, etc. All of these actions have a great effect on these landscapes that Maisel photographs. These environmental changes often leave behind significant amounts of destruction in their wake, which in time reveal unnatural or uprooted substances that tamper with the existing landscape. Such substances often include cyanide, calcium deposits, and various minerals that have been unnaturally brought to the surface, therefore changing the aesthetic of the landscape. His subject is ever-changing.

I find myself continuously drawn to images that are aesthetically beautiful, yet at the same time, dysfunctional, disastrous, etc. I feel that behind most things beautiful, there is a complexity much deeper and even darker than the surface reveals. I think most of Maisel's photographs are serving just as much a political statement, as they are showing just how beautiful the landscape is in wonderful detail and composition. They almost look like minimalist paintings. Mark Rothko is a minimalist painter whose work comes to mind when I look at Maisel's vibrant colors, interesting patterns and compositions.

More work by David Maisel can be found on his website, www.davidmaisel.com

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