Great Shot: Adam Krawesky

© Adam Krawesky

The work of Adam Krawesky appeals to me on a number of levels including the strong notion of exploration and documentation. Although within the interview I read Krawesky says he would not classify his work as being similar to that of a documentarian I would argue saying that his study of these street environments is documentary in its focus and consistency. Krawesky explains that his interest in making images fell hand in hand with his love for walking around the city streets making images of what he saw. Although it may or may not be an inherent part of photography I can say the same was true for myself, photography became the fuel for going out and mapping an area. The narrative-like connection felt between Krawesky and his environment exemplified through his images is another motif I am attracted to. Within each image the viewer is presented with the beginning, end, or middle of a story, with the freedom to modify the missing pieces as they like. This image reflects both the spontaneous and inquisitive elements which run through much of Krawesky's work that I have seen. I find myself wondering more about the relation of the two boys if at all, more than the surrounding environment. Krawesky's ability to develop these inquires about the lives of complete strangers is accomplished through the removal of himself from his environment while retaining enough presence to capture intimacy, humor, and grief all upon a stretch of sidewalk. More work by Adam Krawesky can be found at www.inconduit.com

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