Intro: Teresa Gagliano

Untitled © Teresa Gagliano

My name is Teresa Gagliano. I was born and raised in the Milwaukee area and chose to stay closeby for school at MIAD. I'm currently a junior, where I'm pursing my Bachelors of Fine Art in Photography. I have been shooting high school senior portraits, families, children, and weddings for the last three years, but find myself most invested in my fine art photogrpahy. I primarily shoot my family and their home enviornments, dealing with isues of aging, absence, and impermanence. I'm most attracted to this subject matter because I'm trying to accept and understand these people and spaces they occupy as temporary. For my semester long project, I'm choosing to turn the camera inward. The project is heavily based on nostalgia and memory as I try to rebuild my definition and understanding of 'home'. I will be revisiting the places I once called home in order to get a grasp on leaving it all behind.

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