Intro: Sinead Eby

I'll Follow You Into The Dark © Sinead Eby

Sinead Eby is an artist currently studying at Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, pursuing a bachelor's degree in photography. She tends to lean towards digital means of shooting, but has recently begun to work in film after many years of not doing so. Her style ranges from editorial portraits to documentary photography. After years of shooting senior portraits, head-shots, weddings, protests, and other events, she hopes to start focusing on a more meaningful subject matter. In her current, junior year, she plans on doing that by including personal issues of her own life, in a conceptual or narrative way of shooting.
With that in mind, her semester long project will shine the spotlight on the first 6 years of her childhood. Tackling the concept known as "motivated forgetting", Sinead will recollect things from her past and piece them together for her viewers, and herself, through a photographic collection paired with a series of text.

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