Intro: Megan Nault

The Traveler's Eye © Megan Nault

My name is Megan Nault and I am currently a junior photography major at Milwaukee Institute of Art
and Design. I currently shoot my photos digitally, but I have had a growing interest in film, more specifically using 120 film in old TLR cameras. I started out shooting my sophomore year of high school with photography as an observational tool, and slowly began to create more conceptual work. I grew up in a small town in southern Wisconsin where my high school had a dying art program, in which photography wasn't even an option. My work recently has been moving towards light and basic form being my main subjects and using color to create and modify the mood of the scene. I will be using this exploration to create a new visual world for my ideas to live within and have other people explore as well. Outside of photography, I am also striving for a communication design and animation minor. I draw a fair amount of inspiration from video games, books, and films along with other photographic work.

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