Intro: Devon Endsley

Untitled © Devon Endsley

My name is Devon Endsley. I am 22 years old and am currently studying at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design for my junior level year. Originally from Texas, the distance from home and loved ones has emotionally driven me to make photographs that transcend my emotion into small stories or sneak peaks into the lives of those around me as I visually interpret them. Along with my relationships, I draw inspiration from lighting, films, poems, and personal experiences. This semester I am working on a project that will focus on the young men in my life; more specifically, the two young men I have stayed close to since I moved to Milwaukee three years ago. They are my close friends, my chosen family, and each other's roommates. My images will remain undirected as I act as a witness studying their behaviors, mannerisms, habits, personal relationships, and home through a lens.

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