Intro: Alyssa Basinger

Untitled © Alyssa Basinger

Hi my name is Alyssa Basinger. I am a junior photo major at Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. I grew up on the small island of Kodiak, Alaska. With little knowledge of photography, I was at first struggling with the form of art. Just moving away from the world I knew so well and was pushed to change. I found photography became a form of therapy. As I continued with my exploration of the art form, I found photography to be able to  open myself up and be able to explore. Through the couple of years at Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, my work has progressed from darkroom experimenting to a more document based work. I wanted to document my family and how the military plays a huge role in my life. The series became a documentation of the amount and the type of communication that was produced over the multiple deployments throughout my family. As I continue with my education at Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, I want to get out of my comfort zone and explore different types of medium with my work.

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