Intro: Topher Mack

©Christopher Mack 2012

     My name is Topher Mack, and I am studying photography at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.  Ever since I was a little kid I have been intrigued with photography.  I remember taking my dad's Nikon FG and using up all of the film that was in the camera.  Back then of course I just used to take pictures of things that were interesting, but I lacked any real sense of direction.  It was in high school that I really began to take photography more seriously, and ever since then it has been a big part of my life.  I work in many different styles, and I'm not sure if there is just one that is "me."  I enjoy doing commissioned work as well as conceptual fine art as well.  After I graduate from MIAD it is my goal to work with organizations that help with disaster relief.  I would like to document people helping other people, and be able to bring awareness to the rest of the world about what is being done, or needs to be done.  In my free time I will continue to do commissioned works and make fine art.

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