Untitled © Kayla Massey

In my work I try to focus on just a small object or a small about of space, something that someone else might not always notice right away. I also like the idea of a fleeting moment, something that is not always easily seen again. This photograph was taken while on a tour bus in New York. While at a stop light I was next to this canopy of a business, and just for a moment the wind picked up and started blowing the traps and the lights around. I was only able to get three shots out before the chance was gone, however one managed to turn out pretty well, being this one. I also enjoyed the soft focus in the image, just giving you a slice to look at, helping to focus your eye onto the light and the movement the wind is causing. The lack of color and the more monochromatic look to the photograph is another aspect that draws me to this photo over others. As well as the back lighting and the contrast between the light and shadows.
A photographer that has inspired me in the past and still does with his use of light and the ambience that his photographs have is Josef Sudek. There is always a calmness to his work with beautifully lit scenes.

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