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During my summer, I honestly did not focus my photography on my Hmong culture. Last year I was all about it but for this picture I wanted to try a different route. After having my photo classes, I’m really interested in color and patterns so I focused little on beauty and fashion photographs. I enjoyed looking at Seydou Keita’s African photographs because he inspired me on my present project when I was dealing with the intensity of patterns, both foreground and background. However, since I am more interested in editorial photography, I went the direction I did with this picture. I still have the colors and patterns in mind, but I wanted my model not to wear Hmong clothes, just to see the results.

For my image, I wanted a safari theme while keeping the background focused on grassland. I really wanted a close up shot because facial expression can lie or tell the truth. We judge people when we see them how their facial expressions are because we don’t want to be afraid. In addition I wanted to put another pattern on her face to mirror her shirt because I was interested with patterns being everywhere including on her face. My image does not relate to anything I will be taking during this year because I am still attractive culturally. I will be mainly focusing on culture images, but still in mind my colors, patterns, and surroundings.

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