Untitled 9 & 10 © Jordan Leitner

The work I make most often deals with conceptual ideas of the ephemeral, death, and change, all in the natural landscape. This is the work I love to make and the work that I am drawn to with other photographers.

The intention I have with my work is to keep myself, and my audience interested, continue to ask interesting questions, and make people think. These intentions came to be from combining my love of the natural landscape with my deep interest in psychology. The idea of a very basic and primal connection between the human psyche and nature is something that is behind all of my work in some way or another, and I believe that I make the work I do to simply please that urge and make that connection to my natural settings.

My process of photographing is slow. I take time to get to the heart of the specific place I am shooting. This puts me on the level I need to be to work: quiet, undivided, and in a tunnel-vision-like state between the subject and myself. I only feel successful when these qualities transcend into the photographs, and I believe that is the case for the photographs above. These images evoke a variety of emotions. They are violent, yet peaceful. They have a quietness about them that also showcase the graceful power of nature soft with a palette of oranges and blues.

Artists such as Sally Mann, Alec Soth, and Andy Goldsworthy really inspire me. Sally's approach to the process of photography is simply beautiful. I also love to study the way Goldsworthy works. He is a brilliant mind who knows exactly how to take a philosophical idea and bring it into the tangible world- something I look up to. And this year I intend to keep studying these and similar artist to keep pushing my work along the path I've been going.

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