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I have always been fascinated with watching people. My activity of choice is sitting or walking in a crowded place during which I will jot down my favorite quotes of people passing, sketching thoughts, and hiding behind my camera only to capture a passerby's presence or an interesting ray of light spread across the sidewalk. They are moments that I may forget within a few hours.
This photograph, one of many from photographic diary of a trip to the Northeastern part of the U.S., is another photograph that I have added as a memorable keepsake. It is always a photograph that I have gone back to. I remember the crowded museum exhibit in which everyone was amazed by a separated world covered in multicolor glass sculptures. This woman, who sat on a bench in the corner of the room, sat gazing off, entranced by the lighted red and gold glass. Her face tired, but her eyes were locked. The light and glass sculptures also fascinated me, but I was more interested in how the viewers were interacting with the light bouncing all around the room.
My work has usually focused on people. Whether it is about strangers or how I interact within my personal space. I can see myself to continue working this way. One photographer I can relate some of my work to would be Annelies Strba. Her work acts as a visual display of the world around. One facet of it is within her own home and her family -- a subject that I continually worked with throughout my sophomore year at MIAD.

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