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I enjoy exploring the landscape for items such as this. It makes me think about the history of this item,  where it was before, how it got to this place, and how long it will be staying here. The answers to these questions depend upon the item that it being viewed. For this fallen tree, I walked by wondering how old it was before it fell to the ground. How long it had been standing in this very spot before something knocked it over pulling with it the earth. How long will it lay here before it rots into nothing? It is the questions like this that make me interested in the items I come across, while they lay peacefully at this specific second. Other items such as feathers, leaves, etc. last much shorter at the point where they are found, giving interest to the photographs that capture a second in time of the items history.

Nature has always been a big part of my life, growing up engulfed in it. I believe this may be the reason that I focus much of my work in nature. The mystery and complexity is something of interest along with the feeling of peace that it brings. Photographers that I relate my work to are Noah Beil, for his Trees series, Jennifer Ray for her close attention to detial of the landscape, David Hilliard, for his extended images in nature, Elizabeth Chiles for her point of view in nature, and many more. I plan to continue to explore the landscape and the impermanent puzzle pieces that make it whole.

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