Untitled, © Grant Gill

I have always had a fascination with dead things that wind up here and there. The ironic thing is that the idea of death is something that I find intangible, something that I have yet to come to terms with accepting. Maybe it the aspect of these animals being lesser beings than me has shielded me from the philosophy that I try so hard to suppress. This little creature that stands before me was always destine to have a short life, and automatically there is no attachment. It is the closest to death I have visited; it is the closest analysis into what undoubtedly is my future, all of our futures. And now this once living creature, that was created that same way that you or I were created, is this now tangible object.
The thing about exploring road-kill, as you may, is that I only do it for kicks and giggles. It really started out as hobby and has since been less of an interest. I honestly found this on the side walk and decided to scan it into the computer, there was nothing more to it. Very much inspired by the works of two MIAD alum, Deb Leal being the most obvious. I had always been fascinated with using the scanner as a camera and only wanted to try it out for experimental purpose. Though it was intriguing, I feel that it was just more-so screwing around over the summer than seriously thinking about applying that certain technique to how I approach my art.
I do however like the darker nature of this photograph, and though I don't want to approach death as a prominent component to my assignments this semester, I do want to explore more grim ideas. My focus for this class will be very editorial focus. Editorial is something that interests me, and this would be a great way to explore what and editorial photographer is as well as help build a portfolio.

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