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My personal work is focused around a journalistic/editorial form of photography. Last fall I decided to chose one single topic to explore in photography that could be used in a book or magazines. One of the reasons I chose to photograph birds is because their is a large variety of birds to photograph year round in Wisconsin, which has allowed me to pursue this project for over a year and still enjoy shooting while being constantly challenged. This particular photo was taken during May in my parent's backyard in Sheboygan. What I find so interesting about this photo is knowing that it was taken in the city, a place you normally would not expect to see a hawk. Another thing I find interesting is the intense look on the hawk's face, in addition to the small feather in its talons.

A photographer that has inspired me and my work has been Christian Ziegler, a photojournalist from Germany who specializes in natural history and subjects in science. His work has been featured in a number of publications, a few of them being National Geographic, GEO, BBC Wildlife, National Wildlife among others.

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