Great Shot: Yijun (Pixy) Liao

Intimacy will improve your relationship © Yijun Liao

Pixy Liao's Experimental Relationship series deals with many elements that have played crucial roles in the relationship that she has with her boyfriend.  Issues of age, ethnicity, and gender roles seem to be the driving force behind these perfomative photographs.  More than photographs, they are experiments that she is conducting and documenting.  I really admire how she is able to photograph something that is so personal, so intimate, and so difficult to do.  I've personally tried to photograph past relationships and it's never worked.  Although she does it in the most literal way possible, I think she is able to speak of more than just relationships.  The work speaks of all of what relationships could be if you stray away from the normal parameters that society sets.  Through her use of titles, she adds another element to the images and their meaning.  

The photographs are all taken with a cable release by her boyfriend, Moro.  I find it interesting that she is older than him and in control of the relationship, and yet he is the one who has the control over the camera and whether the image gets taken or not. (Food for thought)
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