Great Shot: Laura Letinsky

Untitled, #54, Hardly More Than Ever series, 2002
© Laura Letinsky

Laura Letinsky's images feature beautiful, colorful fruits, foods, domestic items, and leftovers. The minimalist execution and bright, less contrasty lighting are a modern take on Dutch still life aesthetic. Laura moved to Berlin before creating these images and while beginning to adapt to the change, she spent a lot of time alone in her apartment cooking because that's what she knew. Despite the vivid colors, and clean composition, the way the objects and plates are placed on the edges of tables and tilted in her photographs suggests tension. The beautiful, melancholic imagery portrays a sense of loneliness and the way the leftovers are half eaten or left alone suggest a narrative from earlier in the day or the previous night. While many of the still lives are obviously set up, they look natural and human, as if someone interacted with the set up before it was meant to be photographed.

For more information on Laura Letinsky, visit http://www.lauraletinsky.com

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