Great Shot: Julia Fullerton-Batten

Dressing Gown © Julia Fullerton-Batten
Julia Fullerton-Batten balances fine art and commercial photography beautifully. Featured is Dressing Gown from her In Between series about the "transition from female pubescence to adulthood." Fullerton-Batten takes a very unique and personal approach to the topic by adding subtle, yet dramatic, happenings in each image. Shown here, the model is floating in midair with a cloth floating above her. Her face expression and weightless body language shows that she has no control over what is happening: "a psychological change and a body change (Fullerton-Batten)".

What I find compelling about Fullerton-Batten's In Between series are the aesthetics and techniques she uses in order to successfully capture her concept. She uses a very fast flash to freeze the models in midair with no special effects. (The models she chose needed to have a very strong core stability.) Dressing Gown stood out the most to me because of the movement of the fabrics, model's body language, lighting, and hidden message. This particular photograph portrays the loss of control and innocence.

To view the series or more work, please visit Julia Fullerton-Batten's website: www.juliafullerton-batten.com.

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