Great Shot : Anastasia Cazabon

© Anastasia Cazabon

     Anastasia Cazabon approaches her portraits in a unique way. She has a hair theme that runs through a series of images. She has made this portrait about the hair that has been cut and does an excellent job of making this model anonymous. Many of her images have a human element but the person is made anonymous. Cazabon also uses her images to create a story but all of her images have a narrative quality.
    This image was striking to me because of the angle of view that Cazabon took. It makes the act of cutting hair very dramatic. The model is even in the background of the images huddled to one side. This makes act of cutting her hair even more dramatic. I feel that the models regret or feeling of loss after the fact. I can clearly see narrative qualities within this image as well. If she has not laid out the story in a single image, she can at least make you interested in the story behind the image. I definitely feel a clear emotion by just looking at the feet of the model.

more images and narratives or "Stories" can be viewed at her site : http://www.anastasiacazabon.com/

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