Great Shot: Alec Soth

© Alec Soth

I am drawn to Alec Soth's work because of his ability to sequence pictures in a way that keeps a narrative but isn't so obvious that it becomes uninteresting. When I view the images from Sleeping by the Mississippi it isn't so much of a story but rather a feeling or mood that I get from the images and the sequence that they are in. The image that I have chosen above catches my eye because it has a sort of complex simplicity to it. By that I mean I see the image in very distinct layers starting from the foreground and ending at the sky. From road to gas station to tree line to hill to sky. For me there is something soothing about this clear division of the image, yet at the same time there is the contrast of subject matter from the eerie glowing fluorescent lights of the station placed in a otherwise very natural place. For me that contrast gives the image some tension. Although choosing one image to stand alone was hard especially because I believe that Alec Soth's work is very much about using images together to create a whole that can do much more than any one image.
More work by Alec Soth can be found on his website, www.alecsoth.com

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  1. "From road to gas station (to graveyard) to tree line to hill to sky." What do you make of the graveyard in the image?