Great Shot: Larry Sultan

Sharon Wild © Larry Sultan

Sultan's series, The Valley, touches many of the themes found in Sultan's earlier project,Pictures from Home, which was, in part, a photographic investigation into the meaning of home and family. Along these lines, The Valley discusses why the idea of a middle-class, domestic setting would lend itself to the use as a setting for porn films and what it means for a home to be used in such a way. The project also questions the notion of photographic truth, a popular subject of inquiry for contemporary artists.

I really enjoy the playfulness in Larry's work. The color, theatrical lighting, pose of the models, and also the thought behind his series. They are all just as thought provoking as they are visually pleasing. His Pictures from Home series is images of his father and his relationship within his home and family, after he was forced into early retirement- tossed to the road by a company because he was an older employee.

To read the artist statement, look here.

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