Great Shot: Noah Kalina

© Noah Kalina

Noah Kalina is one of the few photographers who can balance fine art photography with commercial photography. His work is mostly focused on portraiture, fashion, and the everyday environment. What I enjoy about his work is the attention to light and the quality of it.

One image that stands out to me is a portrait of American Folk singer, Justin Townes Earle. The lighting is very simple (one light), but does a great job in illuminating Justin, as well as his checkered coat, gloves, and hat. The snow falling makes for a very serene environment. The balance of the human element and the location (city streets) makes the photo very fitting and does not feel out of place. Another factor in the serene quality is Justin's pose since his hands are folded and his head in low.

More work by Noah Kalina can be found on his website, www.noahkalina.com

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