Great Shot: Ben Huff

© Ben Huff

I was having a challenging time finding an artist work I really enjoyed looking at. After clicking through about a million different photographers I came across Ben Huff. His series The Last Road North, although shot in Alaska, reminded me of the landscape that surrounds my cabin in northern Michigan. Huff's photographs are so simple, including everyday occurrences but they are so beautifully rendered. I very much enjoyed this simplicity because it allowed me to relate. This particular photo that I chose is from that same series. When asked what the concept behind the work was he simply said its about driving and just being out there to find the next great thing. Huff says that he trys to maintain the simplicity but the photos themselves are complex. "The eventual edit will have layers of dichotomies and truth, themes and lies, but the heart of my experience is about driving."

For more of Ben's work visit www.huffphoto.com.

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