Great Shot: Joshua Lutz

Untitled, Bathtub © Joshua Lutz

I found myself first drawn to this photo because of the mold, textures, and colors within it. I proceeded to pass by it and continue to look through Joshua's photos, but I came back to this one. I can't help but wonder why this was taken, or what intrigued him to take a photo of this scene. However, now that it is taken, I see so much beauty within it. I find that sort of 'beauty in the ugly' so fascinating. I love the way the water is blurred and so relaxing looking, yet the walls are covered in mold, and the tub is covered in cleaning toxins, both of which could end up leading to death. Much of Joshua's work I found to be within this sort of story line. A story line about places where people can escape or find comfort in the craziness of their lives.

For more work from Joshua Lutz, visit his website at http://www.joshualutz.com/.

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