Great Shot: David Hilliard

Jackie Immersed © David Hilliard

David Hilliard's work has been an inspiration to me for the past few years. The way he extends the image using different point of views is something that I am very interested in and strive to achieve. I enjoy much of his work, but my favorites are the ones that are out in the landscape. I believe that he pushes the standard photograph, and makes it something different, something more unexpected. I hope to keep working with my extended images to create something similar. 

I also enjoyed reading this interview posted here. He made a lot of good points in striving to become a successful artist. He stated, "Make fine art, commercial art, editorial art, teach, assist, etc, etc. Do it all. It keeps you going and in the end I truly believe that it can inform aspects of your work, (Werner.)" I believe that this statement is true. You never know what you are best at, or enjoy most until you have tried it all. David Hilliard makes amazing work, and I will continue to be inspired by it. 

More of David Hilliard's work can be found at davidhilliard.com

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