Great Shot: Amy Elkins

©Amy Elkins

What I enjoy most about Amy Elkins photographs is that she focuses a lot on behavior, emotion and circumstance (NYMPHOTO, para 9). Her Wallflower series has always been my favorite because they are about male masculinity and identity. In this photograph I notice his vulnerable side because men are considered “aggressive” and this is the reason why her photographs are intriguing. Since floral is feminine, I like the idea of having her male models posed in front of it. I chose this image because you see that he's a tough guy, but his pose is gentle and photographing him in front of the floral background brings out his vulnerable side. Being stripped from his clothing and having male “identity”, it forces him to expose himself. I really do enjoy seeing her Wallflower because we as women have judgments on our men, never thinking about their emotions.

More photographs can be found on amyelkins.com

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