Great Shot: Aaron Huey

© Aaron Huey

What I find moving about this photo is not only the image but also knowing a little of the context from which it is taken. The series of Huey's I found the most interesting was that of an Indian reservation which showed the slum conditions that the residents live in, which is common among reservations. This particular photo I chose, shows the trash and garbage that covers the property of the home owner, which is not an uncommon sight, one I have seen myself. What really sets the emotion of the photo is the dreary/depressed lighting that expresses how this is not a nice place to live. This is also mentioned in the overview, that about 97% of the population lives below federal poverty levels. Huey's hopes through this work he can help bring to light what has happened to these native people and that they will not be forgotten.

For more of his work visit his website visit http://www.aaronhuey.com/. For his work on the Indian Reservation click on the "Pine Ridge" tab.

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