Great Shot: Cornelia Hediger

©2011 Cornelia Hediger

Cornelia Hediger photographs are all self-portrait, she works alone, concentrated only on herself.
I'm very fascinated by her pictures because are very intimate, them show a deep studio about the artist's personality and psychology.
C. Hediger in two famous projects ("doppelgangen", "doppelgangen II") used clear colours and very focused imagines, while in the other two projects ("Exit" and "The future is canceled") used often long exposure and shaded colours.
Her works have a dark contents, deep negative emotions, also if some pictures seems has a confortable aspect, you can see in it a creepy story.
This photo is in "The future is canceled" project, I like the atmophere, where eroticism, sadness, loneliness  live together.
Also in other photos her used the autoeroticism issue, but this is very intimate. The confuse face seems like a dissociation from the body, a breaking through the body action and the feelings.

more work by Cornelia Hediger on her website:  Cornelia Hediger

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