Great Shot: Lane Collins

© Lane Collins

Lane Collins took her first photography class at 16 and her mom bought her first SLR for her birthday. It seems that she built up her knack for photography the same why I did, she wondered around town taking pictures in the back alleys, and when she made her first print in the darkroom she was hooked. For her work she gets most of her inspiration from the Internet and paperback books, also because she graduated from SFAI, her projects seem to evolve out of what she is experiencing personally or come from a random idea that sticks. The photograph that I posted is from her series titled Chasing Rainbows it was made around the time she moved to New Zealand, while saying goodbye to family and during the long and awkward post-immigration adjustment period. What I like about Lane's work is that it is very simple, also her photographs use a unique lighting situation where it either looks very natural or limited, and also using simple objects to symbolically portray different ideas or emotions.

More work by Lane Collins can be found on her website: www.lanecollins.com

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