Great Shot: Andrea Chu

© Andrea Chu

Andrea Chu answered a question on this blog last year with the statement that her photographs were "an expression of what is going on in my life." I think the reason why I am so attracted to this work is because the images feel familiar to me as well. Her use of soft lighting and her choice in color pallets are so beautiful and flawlessly captured. It seems like these images are meticulously set up but at the same time they seem just like moments captured in time. This image I chose to display is a good example of that. I also chose it because it is particularly nostalgic to me. The huge expansion of blue is all consuming. I enjoy that the person's jacket is the same color as the sky, it appears as if that person is melting into the sky. This is how I feel when I stand in one place long enough, like that area is taking me. I can relate in this way to a large amount of her work.

More work by Andrea Chu can be found on her website, www.chuandy.com

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