© Zachary Seib

For this assignment I wanted to photograph with two distinct styles. I chose to work with photojournalism and studio photography. The two photographs that I have shown are fairly straight forward images. I initially had problems photographing strangers. I feel uncomfortable confronting people with a camera. I feel that I must ask for their permission to photograph them but in doing so, I loose the natural pose that I was initially attracted to. I overcome this fear if the person either does not see me, or I am hidden amongst a large group of people. I become an anonymous body with a camera, a simple observer who is ready to record reality with the photographic medium. On the other hand, the studio photograph was incredibly easy to shoot. I have a great understanding of the model because my father posed for the image. I know what his daily routine and habits are. I know what makes him the happiest and the most at home. As a result, I only needed to bring in studio lights and stage the scene to achieve the photograph I had envisioned. This resulted in an everyday routine which became something special and worthy of viewing.

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