©Lauren Howie Laur

The fake blonde is Robin. She and I shared a tiny 2 bedroom, no living room attic in West Allis when I first started MIAD. She graduated from Mount Mary in Fashion Design and creates and designs her own jewelry and accessories. She had an adorable baby boy 6 months ago and has become a stay at home mom. I find the changes in our lives to be unexpected and spontaneous and at times unexplainable, yet we always figure out a way to shift and move forward. It's easy to photograph people you are familiar with, at least for me they are more willing to be in front of the lens. When I photograph people it is because something draws me to them, something unique or telling about their appearance or actions forces me to lift my camera. I'm a people watcher and in my second image I was stopped at a red light and this women stumbled out of a construction truck. She appeared to be helping the man in the photo do something, she actually just stood there the entire time I was stopped, maybe she was just keeping him company? Either way this women interested me, she looked like she had a story to tell and they only way I could capture it at the time was this photograph.

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