© Kelsey Lorenzen

The first photo is of Samantha. She is an athletic trainer at Concordia. I am often spending time in the training room with my team and our athletic trainer so I ventured out of my usual realm and attempted to talk with some other people for the assignment. I am not very good at approaching people in a normal situation so trying to approach a stranger, talk with them AND take their picture is something very difficult and scary for me. You can tell from the photo that I was not comfortable enough to do much posing or get in for a very tight shot. Sam was also uncomfortable in front of the camera and very jittery and unsure of what to do so this added to the shot and quick shoot.
The second photo is of my current roommate and very close friend Rachael. We haven't lived together long but, have grown very close in the short amount of time. This was the first time I have asked Rachael to be in one of my project so this was slightly awkward also. The tension was easily lightened since it is a more comfortable setting. However the comfort level in front of the camera was a little unsure so I had to do more coaching and posing to get the shot I wanted.

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