©Kaitlynn Scannell

The first image that I took was of a couple that I met at a party. I went to the party with some friends with the intention of capturing our fun. But when I got there I knew only two or three people. So I kinda just bummed around and talked. This couple was standing in a hallway of the house.
The second image I took was of Ben. I have known Ben for close to two years. I chose to photograph him because he is always happy plus his apartment is full of character. When I went to photograph him he was kinda a spaz. He didn't really know what to do. I sat across from him on a couch in his living room while he drank his morning coffee having casual conversation.
Ben was definitely easier to photograph because I felt more relaxed. He was used to me having my camera around but just not used to knowing that my intention was to photograph him. With the couple I kept my camera at waist level because I am not very confident with shooting strangers.

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