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For this project I thought about family and approached both versions using a member of my family. My basis for using the family is due to the realization that I moved back to Wisconsin to get to know them. The first image is a portrait of my nephew Austyn. I have had the pleasure to get to know him for the past year and we have become very close. I have taken thousands of photos of him over that time. The reason I choose to use him for this project is because he actually staged this portrait. He wanted to be sitting in grandma's chair reading a book with his 'night night.' Given that he is 2 I was rather proud of him for having the vision and therefore felt this moved beyond a typical child portrait.

The second portrait is of my dad, John and his wife Ellen. I thought to use this exaggerated style to capture the happy and playful aura about them on this day. This was more difficult than the other due to the fact that they are not yet used to me having a camera all the time and I was a little uncomfortable to shoot them.

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