© Megan Ramminger

The first image is of two girls selling merchandise for the band playing that night at a bar. The brunette, Alex, has been dating the lead singer for eight years and has been selling his merchandise at his concerts for eight years as well. Her friend, Hannah, sitting next to her is helping, but mostly just keeping Alex company. Alex commented that the nights get repetitive for her so she enjoyed my company as well. The second picture is of my grandmother up north at our cabin that we rent. When we go up to the cabin it is always about family. My grandmother is always the host. She cooks for the family, gives people their role in cleaning, and then sits us down again for a game of cards. After a couple hours my grandmother always gets the giggles, and the rest of the family soon follows until we are all laughing until we cry. This picture is of her just sitting and appreciating the silence.

I have never been very interested in making portraits. When I think about walking up to a stranger and asking them if I can take a portrait of them freaks me out, but I am a bartender and I can talk to strangers everyday. I think maybe I am worried about what they might think of my photography. With that said this assignment was not easy for me to start. When I actually did it, I found that it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I learned that I can observe someone instead of my apprehensions of scaring them with being too close. I think that taking portraits of strangers and people you know are both challenging. The challenge with a stranger is the initial question for permission, being rejected isn't easy for anyone. With someone you know it is hard to capture everything you know and want to say about that loved one in one photograph. I learned that both, however, are not as scary as I thought and turned out to be a rewarding experience.

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