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The first image is my good buddy and current roommate, Jared. Taken after he woke up from the blaring music of our third roommate, music of which he is not a fan of. The image beneath is a woman I met right off of the bus we shared, her name is Emily. So Jared I've known for five months now and we've grown to have a really strong and interesting friendship. Him (a Cancer) and I (an Aquarius) have both been inspired by astrology the past few months and realized that we are complete opposites, which is also indicated by the zodiac, but oddly and entirely applies to our bizarre but misunderstood points of views on things. We confuse each other constantly but I am very thankful that he has become so used to me photographing him, I find him to be a very interesting character in my life. Him being such a good friend, the approach to photographing him as is wasn't so difficult. When searching for a stranger to photograph, I thought I'd apply my interest in astrology to the people I met. So my mission was to meet either a Libra or a Gemeni (most compatible signs for an Aquarius) judging upon my first reaction to seeing them (instant chemistry idea). So a couple days after I started searching, I see Emily come on the bus and I felt an immediate reaction inside me, so I knew I wanted to talk to her but I wanted to see if the opportunity would come closer to me (signs). So I got off at my stop and soon realized she gotten off at the same stop and that her and I were crossing the street near right next to each other, I can't avoid opportunities like that. We started talking (heart racing a bit) and she was easily willing to be photographed for this assignment, she just so happened to be a Gemeni as well (singing choir voices). I didn't ask for any of her contact information, but I really enjoyed getting to know her and wonder if I'll ever see her again. Getting feelings and signs for opportunities like that really bring a lot of trust and hope for the future. . . which is awesome.

I look forward to maybe hearing from her.

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