© Julia Kozerski

The top image (above) is one of my closest friends, Jenni. Jenni and I have known each other for nearly ten years, so when I asked if I could photographer her she was more then willing; even excited. For her portrait, I was granted free rein to style her as well as choose the location for shooting. I also had unlimited amount of time to experiment with different lighting set-ups, poses, etc. My second portrait is of a young woman named Katie. Before the morning of the shoot I had never met her. Katie works at a local holistic health practitioner in my neighborhood and is a coworker of my sister. Because all I knew of Katie was where she worked, I chose to shoot her portrait at her workplace. Right away I was taken aback by how uncomfortable and intimidated by the camera Katie was. I definitely felt a rush in shooting her to end her “misery” of being in front of the camera. Her uncomfortableness with me photographing her definitely impacted the end result of the image. While still a close-up, Katie's image is definitely much less intimate then my portrait of Jenni.

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