© Andrea Bartley

The first image is of my boyfriend, Ben. A casual image taken while we were visiting a friend's house. The next image is of that friend's mother's fiance: Patrick for short. I had met him the day before and in this image he is describing a living space on a sheep sheering farm. Ben was a much easier subject to photograph because I had no problem directing him and getting a direct gaze from his big, beautiful blue eyes. Patrick, on the other hand, was a much more difficult subject. I did not have the same comfort level with him as Ben and therefore did not feel as comfortable directing his poses. I think the photograph of Patrick speaks to his comfort in a farming lifestyle: his tattered sweater, sweat-stained hat, and dirty boots, but does not in the least suggest a comfort level with me, the photographer. In the other photograph, Ben's gaze and nearness show a level of comfort that the photographer and subject have with each other.

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