untitled © Olivia Obluck-Zager

Over the summer I did an independent study with Bob Smith in which I focused my camera on nature reclaiming space. Along with my topic of study I wanted to compare digital photos with color film scans. This particular image was one of the film scans. I found it liberating to be meshing film and digital aspects into my photography because before coming to MIAD all I did was black and white film, which I still prefer to do to this day. I enjoy the more physical participation in the creation of the photograph while with digital I tend to feel completely detached from the finished product.

In the beginning of this study I had planned on focusing on just industrial spaces, but throughout the process found myself drawn to more rural spaces being overtaken by the surrounding nature. I was also assisting a friend with a real estate photography job so I found myself exploring all different areas of Wisconsin and the ones I tended to photograph were the sites that seemed out of place in the surrounding town. Though I may not necessarily photograph the subject of nature's revenge I do hope to continue experimenting with film scans this year.

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