Untitled © Laura Hughes

Between work and classes I had very little free time this summer. I continue to be intrigued by clouds and water. Wind creates similar effects on both; moments of absolute clarity instantly changed by the newly-obscured sun or by sand swirled up by a paddling foot or hungry fish. When clouds reflect on water, the senses awaken to multi-tiered awareness rippling clouds, ebb and flow, glowing sun, and whispering wind.

My thoughts were also drawn to bodies of water--lakes and ponds, and also to the amazing stories found in rain puddles and urban streams. I took this photo in the fishpond at Boerner Botanical Gardens--a manmade construction that is teeming with unanticipated life and unexpected objects.

I recently purchased a wacom tablet and have begun experimenting with blending other media into my photographs. I hope to explore this mixed media approach further during the school year.

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