Underwater Galaxy © Megan Ramminger

I have always been interested in capturing the beauty of this world with the lens of my camera. Discovering a new world with the one that I live in is what I strive for. Abstraction, illusion and distortion of space is what I have consistently come back to in my photography. What it is doesn't matter, what matters is what it becomes. I am inspired by the work of Eliot Porter and his abstractions of landscapes. I also am inspired by Sabine Hornig and Peter Keetman's photographs. The distortion of space that creates new worlds always excites me. Sonja Thomsen also inspires me with her view of seeing the world, and the universe beyond, as connecting in micro and macro ways. The photograph I have posted above also shares this idea of micro and macro similarities. In this upcoming year at MIAD I want to explore my abstractions of space and try to concentrate on using my photographs as a way of communicating psychological messages in a successful way.

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