She was the universe©Marta Shumylo

I do not know how my fascination with photographing smokers has started but I am sure it has a lot to do with breathing. Inhaling something that is not air. Breathing is a regular physiological process that is constantly happening yet most of the time people are unaware of it. I personally feel like breathing proves the existence of air and in a way, smoking proves breathing, it makes it visible.
When taking this photograph, I was intrigued by how unrealistic the smoke seemed. It just floated in her mouth, making it look like a foggy lake, immeasurable depth. At that moment she was the universe. This was an intuitive, in-the-moment photo shoot, which is very different from my other "smoking" photographs that required a lot of thinking, planning and setting up. Maybe this is not my best photograph from the summer but it is the most important one to me. I feel like it is a beginning of something significant.

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