Great Shot: Todd Hido

2663, © Todd Hido

I remember over a year ago when I merely glanced at Todd's work. That was before I really knew his work or who he was, thus, he was placed somewhere in the back of my head. Though recently I have found him again, only now, I have a great appreciation for the work he makes and the process he goes through. The photograph above is one of his many "landscape" photographs. Todd shoots primarily at night; he is drawn to the nightlife and the different characteristics that stand out during nighttime. The quietness, the mystery, and especially the overall mood of the night. I feel that these characteristics are most definitely brought through in not only the photograph above, but all of his work. There is such a different quality of the nightlife and the photographs he takes represent this. His work is also curious and though it is moody, it is not 'in your face' dramatic. I really appreciate this subtlety he shares with the viewer. He is able to capture the mist, the grunge, the light, and other simple aspects of the weather and time that he is shooting. All of these combined really put the viewer in the place, where one is sort of mystified by place. It is an extremely interesting experience.

Todd's website is: www.toddhido.com

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